Common problem

Q: what are the conditions to apply for return and replacement?
Answer: 1. Goods without use, without washing, complete tags, do not affect the second sale can apply for return and replacement.
2. After receiving the goods, you can apply for return and replacement if you find that you don’t like the goods, do not match the description, or have quality problems.
3. For some special commodities mentioned in our return and exchange principle, customers should abide by the special provisions of relevant products.
4. If there are “return and exchange conditions” on some special commodities, otherwise specified, and clearly stated on the product page, customers shall comply with the special provisions.

Q: how to return and exchange goods?
A: for the return process, please follow the return process of decathlon’s official shopping website
You can find the order to be returned in the “shopping record”, click “apply for return”, fill in the return information and complete the return application
After submitting the application, you can send the goods back. Under normal circumstances, the warehouse will complete the quality inspection within 3 working days after signing the package, and we will refund you within 3 working days after the quality inspection.

Q: how to bear the postage incurred in the return and exchange of goods?
A: manufacturing process problems; product color, style, model and material are not consistent with the description on the website; wrong size recommendation; logistics problems; defects and product quality problems. After verification, the postal charges will be borne by decathlon.
If there are no above problems and the goods are in line with the return and exchange policy, the buyer shall bear the postage.
In addition, there are two types of return and exchange activities initiated by buyers that are not related to the quality of goods:
1. For package products, customers only need to bear the return postage
2. For non package products, all postage charges shall be borne by customers

Q: for quality assurance, do we have to show the invoice and warranty?
A: as long as you purchase products on official website, we will keep your consumption records. As long as you can provide the correct member account number or order number, we can provide the corresponding warranty service for your products. If you have lost the goods list or invoice, please contact our customer relationship center to confirm your order information, and you can exchange the goods for you. In view of the change of consumption amount involved in the return, you are required to send back the original invoice, and we will issue a new invoice to you as soon as possible

Q: I asked for the invoice when I bought the goods. Do I need to return the invoice together when I return the goods?
A: Dear customer, yes, please return the invoice together. We will issue you the invoice with the updated amount after receiving it. In exchange, if it is the same amount of goods, it does not need to be sent back